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Banbridge Hockey Club U14 Teams Excel at Rotterdam Easter Tournament

The Banbridge Hockey Club U14 teams have returned from the Rotterdam Easter Tournament after an outstanding display of skill, determination, and teamwork. The tournament, held in the hockey heartland of the Netherlands, provided a platform for young talents to showcase their abilities on an international stage, and Banbridge did not disappoint.


Impressive Performances in Group Stages


In the group stages, the Banbridge Boys U14 team showed their mettle, finishing in 4th place in Group 2 with 1 win, 2 draws, and 2 losses. Meanwhile, the Banbridge Girls U14 team emerged from the group phase with a win, draw, and loss from their three games, securing them a place in the 9-12 playoff group. It was during this phase that they began to come into their own, winning two matches and drawing one to top the group undefeated.


Triumphant Playoff Final


In the playoff final for 5th place, the Banbridge Boys U14 team delivered an impressive performance, securing victory against Eemvallei with a score of 2-1. This hard-fought win highlighted their resilience and determination to finish the tournament on a high note.


Continued Success and Spectatorship


The Banbridge Girls U14 team continued their impressive run, showcasing their commitment to excellence and their ability to compete at the highest level. With victories and accolades under their belt, they return home with heads held high, proud of their achievements and ready to build on their success in future tournaments.


A Memorable Experience at Wagener Stadium


The trip didn't end there as the teams then travelled the short distance to Amstelveen to the Wagener Stadium for the finals of the EHL (Euro Hockey League) where they watched both home sides win in thrilling matches. First, they witnessed AH&BC Amsterdam win 2-1 against Mannheimer in the Ladies final, displaying the highest level of hockey skill and excitement. Then, Pinoke defeated SV Kampong in the men's final, concluding the trip with a showcase of top-tier hockey talent and sportsmanship.


The future of Banbridge Hockey Club is undoubtedly bright, thanks to the remarkable accomplishments of its U14 teams at the Rotterdam Easter Tournament. With this experience under their belts, the players are poised to continue their journey in hockey with determination and enthusiasm, aiming for even greater success in the future.

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