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Friends of Banbridge Hockey Club

Be a part of the future of your club.

By donating to the Friends of Banbridge Hockey Club fund you will be playing a crucial part in keeping this great club of ours at the cutting edge of hockey in Northern Ireland and beyond.

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Draw 1

  1. Mark Evans - £300

  2. Robena McCandless - £150

  3. Scott McCandless - £50

Draw 2

  1. Sonya Rowe - £300

  2. Kate Cunningham -£150

  3. Alison Livingstone - £50

Draw 3

  1. Adam Marshall - £300

  2. Kyle Marshall - £150

  3. Lloyd Weir - £50

Draw 4

  1. Kirsty McCandless - £300

  2. Joe Grimes - £150

  3. Robena McCandless - £50

Next Draw

Club Night -21 September

What's the situation?

As all of you are aware we, as a club, are in the fortunate position of enjoying facilities that are the envy of most other hockey clubs in Ireland. With the recent laying of the new playing surface we can look forward with confidence to continued success across all our teams.

We pride ourselves in being a progressive, inclusive club who strive to be at the forefront of our sport not just at home but abroad.

Unfortunately all that happens around the club comes at a cost. For example it takes somewhere in the region of three to four thousand pounds a month just to cover essential costs!

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So, what's the solution?

In an attempt to continue to maintain our position at the top of the hockey hierarcy the Executive Committee have decided to launch a Friends of Banbridge Hockey Club fundraising initiative. It is intended that this will run for a minimum period of three years with various payment options laid out below.
This will be a development fund that will allow scope to make improvements across all elements of the entire club.

How you can help.

Friends of Banbridge Hockey Club Payment Options.


  1. £10 monthly for 3 years or £300 payment in advance

  2. £10 monthly for 2 years or £220 payment in advance

  3. £10 monthly for 1 year or £110 payment in advance


A monthly prize fund of £500 will be on offer with one entry winning £300. One £150 and one £50. There will be 10 draws during the 12 month period.

Option 1 will remain in the draw for 3 years, Option 2 for 2 years and Option 1 for 1 year. First draw will take place in February 2024.

All winning entries will be re-entered into subsequent monthly draws.

Standing order forms will be available from the bar or a member of the Executive Committee.

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