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Behind the Scenes

It's takes a lot of people putting in huge amounts of time to keep a club like Banbridge Hockey Club running. The Executive Committee is a dedicated group of volunteers committed to keeping the wheels turning.

Dr William McCandless

Club President

Elected at the start of the 2023/24 season, Dr McCandless brings with him a long and dedicated history of involvement with the club and Irish Hockey as a whole

Meet the Committee


John Bell

Honorary Treasurer

Michelle Maginnis

Bar Convenor

Neil Nicholson


Sheree Totton

Head Groundsman

Glenn Marshall

Junior Coordinator

Charley Brush

Vice Chair

Mark Evans

Strategic Dev Convenor

Cathrine Reid

Committee Member

Jayne Walker

Head of Snr Hockey

Neil Madeley


Struan Hope

Committee Member

Nigel Allister

Committee Member

Sonya Rowe

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