Prior to Match Day

  • The team COVID Rep will inform Julie Sally of the name of the person who will undertake the role of COVID Officer for the match.
  • Matches will not be allowed to proceed without a COVID officer being present.

 On Match Day on arrival to Havelock Park

  • All team member’s, coaches and team management will be required to sign in on arrival using the camera on your phone to scan a QR code at the gate and complete the associated form. Access to the ground will not be permitted until the form has been completed.

 COVID-19 Officers (CVO’s)

  • As per Hockey Irelands current ‘Return to Competition’ protocols all CVO responsibilities inside the pitch area will be the umpire’s responsibility.
  • The match CVO is responsible for ensuring compliance with all sign in procedures and social distancing requirements, including in the dugouts.
  • Cooperation with any requests or instructions from the CVO’s is required at all times.
  • Our CVO’s are all volunteers and must be treated with respect. Abusive language or refusal to comply with a request from a CVO will not be tolerated.


While at Havelock Park

  • All current Hockey Ireland ‘Return to Play’ and ‘Return to Competition’ protocols must be adhered to. Please ensure that all players, coaches, team management and umpires are aware of the contents of these documents.
  • If applicable, teams must not enter the pitch area until all players and officials from the previous game have exited.
  • Only essential team personnel and officials are permitted to enter the pitch area. All other persons travelling with the team must remain outside the fence.
  • Hand sanitisers are provided on entry and at various locations around the ground. Hands must be sanitised on entry to the ground.
  • Unfortunately, changing rooms and showers remain closed.
  • There will be access to the toilets in the club house
  • Social distancing must be observed when not on the pitch.
  • A one way system is in operation (as shown by the yellow arrows in the picture below) and everyone -with the exception of CVO’s – must adhere to this.



  • As indicated in the above picture above there is one pitch entrance gate and one pitch exit. The one way system must be adhered to when entering and exiting the pitch.
  • Dug outs are available for use and can accommodate 6 people. They must not be used to store kits bags and belongings.
  • Kit bags, (if not left in cars) should be left along the inside of the pitch fence. White markers have been provided to demonstrate appropriate distancing. As the home team you should use the markers to the left of the dugouts.
  • Handshakes / high fives or huddles prior to the start of the match are not permitted.
  • Players are to avoid coming within 2m of an umpire or technical official
  • Players should not celebrate a goal as a group
  • The team captain / COVID Rep / coach / manager must sanitise the dugouts, goal posts and any touch points following the match.
  • Teams must exit the pitch promptly on completion of the match.



  • Spectators are welcome to attend. They will be asked to sign in and complete the COVID-19 health questionnaire on arrival by scanning a QR code using the camera on their phone. Some android phones may require a QR reader app to be used. CVO’s will be on hand to assist.
  • Spectators must observe social distancing at all times and follow the one way system.



Match Day COVID Supervisor Checklist – Havelock Park

Before players arrive
☐ Arrive promptly at the time provided to you
☐ Ensure both entrance gates open
☐ Pitch entrance and exit gates fully open
☐ Hi Vis vest on

During the session
☐ Ensure everyone entering the ground signs in using the QR code & uses hand sanitiser on entry.

Note: Away teams will have signed in online prior to travelling. You will be provided with a list of names for the away team

☐ Assist anyone unable to access the sign in form
☐ Remind those entering of the need to sanitise hands and practice social distancing at all times.
☐ Ensure all players, coaches and spectators are aware of and adhere to the one way system
☐ Ensure players belongings are placed at the white marks adjacent to the dugouts.
☐ Ensure social distancing is being adhered to in the dugout
☐ Observe the session to ensure the protocols are being adhered to
Note: With the exception of the dugouts the umpires are responsible for enforcing COVID protocols within the pitch area

After the session
☐ Ensure that the team management / coaches sanitise the dugouts, goals and all other relevant touch points following the match
☐ Ensure the teams leave the pitch promptly to allow the teams for the next game to enter the pitch. Teams for the next game must not enter the pitch until all personnel and officials from the previous game have exited the pitch area.
☐ The COVID officer must remain at the ground until all players and official from their match have left the ground or gone into the bar.

Most importantly please challenge and correct all behaviour in breach of the clubs COVID-19 protocols – you have the authority to do so!