BHC Clubhouse & Bar Protocols

There are a number of legislative requirements that must be adhered to:
  • The bar will operate on a table service only basis. Everyone inside the bar must have a seat and there will be no standing or bar service.
  • Face coverings must be worn to enter and leave the clubhouse and while moving around inside. They are not required while seated at a table in the bar.
  • To further clarify, drinks orders will only be taken by waiters from persons seated at a table. Alternatively a QR code will be available on your table to allow you order your drinks and pay through the AnyExcuse app (instructions will be on tables).
  • In compliance with current hospitality Track & Trace requirements all patrons must sign in using the QR code provided on the tables.

Please do not embarrass yourself or the staff by attempting to order your drink at the bar and please be patient when ordering and waiting for drinks.

Under the regulations, there is a maximum capacity within the bar area and once this is exceeded there are tables available outside for any persons wishing to order drinks.  The club may have to regulate entry should the need arise.  


As per previous advice to members you are reminded:

  • Social distancing must be observed at all times
  • Hand sanitiser is provided throughout the club house and grounds and you are encouraged to use it.

Members are also reminded that COVID protocols are in place to allow us to meet our legislative responsibilities but primarily to keep our members safe. Please be advised that only those members and guests willing to adhere to the protocols are welcome at the club.  

These protocols are subject to change at short notice and members will be kept updated in as timely a manner as possible.