Volunteer for FIH Series at Banbridge

FIH Series Finals 8th – 16th June 2019

Banbridge Hockey Club

Ireland will host the FIH Series Finals for Women between June 8th and 16th at the Banbridge Hockey Club.  The finals which serve as part of the Olympic Qualification process for Tokyo 2020 will see Ireland take on 7 opponents.  To run a tournament of this magnitude, Hockey Ireland is seeking a team of enthusiastic and dedicated volunteers.  Full support, training and induction is provided to all volunteers who come on board for this exciting tournament. 

Details  of all roles are available below – tick all of the roles that you may be interested in filling. Then complete the rest of the form and return it to Cathrine Reid catereid@hotmail.co.uk at Banbridge Hockey Club.

Area of Interest Please tick
Gate This role involves dealing with public, taking in payment, scanning online tickets , run in shifts of 4 hours each (one per match),  
Stewards Panel of people required, run in shifts of 4 hours each (4 stewards per match), dealing with the public, answering queries – stands, changing rooms, media centre  

Availability (please tick full tournament or indicate times)

Full tournament (8th – 16th June)                                                              

Alternatively indicate specific days or times available: ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Are you available in the run up to the tournament – i.e. before the 8th June? If so please specify dates:


Will you be over 18 years of age by June 8th 2019?            Yes                        No

If under 18, parental consent to volunteer will be sought

Personal Details

Name:                                                                   ________________________________________

Contact Phone Number:                               ________________________________________

Email Address:                                                  ________________________________________

* Please note that any role that includes substantial access to U18s will be subject to Hockey Ireland’s Recruitment and Selection Policy as part of the Code of Ethics for Hockey for Young People as well as vetting.