With the summer upon us and everyone now buying their summer gear or booking flights to Rio or preparing for the EHL coming to town in October, please ensure you are using Easy Fundraising to raise money for #PitchIn!

Over the past year this has helped raise money for the new pitch, but only a small percentage of our members and friends of the club are using it.

So please anytime you are online, whether you are browsing or buying, Please type in this address into your browser address bar first  then when you buy something online you can raise money for #PitchIn without even realising it!

You should see the little EasyFundraising icon beside your address bar as highlighted below this will ensure you are helping the #PitchIn fundraising:

You can do this on your PC, laptop, tablet, smart phone with any internet browser.

If you require any further information please contact or use Facebook to post your queries

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