Banbridge Hockey Club Men’s 1st XI will play in the Euro Hockey League (EHL) next season. This was confirmed this morning with the publication of the latest ranking system which has Ireland in 8th place allowing for two teams to be entered via Hockey Ireland.


The allotment of places by ranking system follows the principles used to place National Associations in the football Champions League and UEFA Cups. The rankings will be taken from the results over 3 years, with the points for the earlier years discounted by 50% (year 2) and 75% (year 1). This ranking of National Associations is based on the performance of all their clubs in Euro Hockey League (and EuroHockey Trophy). The total number of points won by clubs from each country is divided by the number of clubs to which the National Association was entitled in that year’s competition.


National Associations ranked 1-4 in the EHL Ranking Table in this manner may enter three teams each in Euro Hockey League, while National Associations ranked 5-8 may enter two teams each, and National Associations ranked 9-12 one team.


Each National Association remains free to decide the system of qualification for their own clubs, for that number of places which is their entitlement for that year, subject only to the requirement that the national champion be placed first in a country’s list of teams entered. Lisnagarvey qualify in the number 1 position as winner of the Irish Hockey Champions Trophy and as they also won the Irish Hockey League, Bann qualify for the second place as runners up on the Champions Trophy.


Banbridge President Sheree Totton stated: “We are delighted to have it confirmed that Banbridge will play in the Euro Hockey League again. It is a great achievement for the club and particularly the players to be playing top level hockey in Europe and we look forward to the EHL next season.”