Banbridge Hockey Club has launched a major fundraising campaign to replace the hockey pitch at Havelock. Members are being asked to “Pitch In” throughout the season to help fund the new pitch.

Launching the ‘pitch in’ campaign Club President Sheree Totton said; “We are proud of the top class facilities we offer at Havelock but, the current pitch has become worn and in order to maintain our high standards and to allow us to offer hockey to our many members in both the senior and junior club, it now needs replaced and this comes at a significant cost.”

“Today we are launching a major fundraising campaign to help fund a new pitch for the club. We are asking all our members and friends to ‘pitch in’ and back our campaign to replace the pitch by supporting all our fundraising efforts throughout this season. As a club we have been planning financially for some time for this major investment however, further funds are required to help us meet our final target.”

Sheree added; “Plans are in place to lay a new pitch next summer, the challenge is there for us all to work together, ‘pitch in’ and raise the finances to ensure that we continue to have the best facilities at Havelock for all our members for years to come.”

The ‘pitch in’ campaign kicked off with a raffle during the IHL game, the club annual soccerbuster is underway and many more fundraising activities are planned for the season ahead and these will be detailed in the coming weeks.