The Club will be packing bags at Tesco, Banbridge on Christmas Eve to raise money for charity and club funds.  The rota is outlined below, however if anyone else would like to come along and help they would be very welcome!

Players are reminded that they should NOT wear club kit (Tesco rules), however t-shirts will be provided on the day.  T-shirts will have to be handed in after the shift so will be worn over clothes.  If you have a non club red t-shirt please wear this in case there are not enough to go around!

The names in bold will be in charge of the shift so report to them when you arrive at the store.


Date: Christmas Eve

Time: 7am to 4pm

Where: Tesco, Castlewellan Road, Banbridge

Clothing: Please do not wear club kit.  Red t-shirts will be provided

Contact Jo-Anne on 07812 984712 with any queries


Time Over 18 Under 18 Junior Club
7-8 Aileen Lawson
Ashleigh Mithcell
Rachel Groves
Douglas Anderson
Sarah Anderson
Katie Uprichard
Alannah Magee
8-9 Alex Jenkinson   Maddie Chambers
Rachel Cairns   Hannah Nelson
Jill Mehaffey   Elle Robinson
Julie Sally   Emma Murphy
Sheree Totton   Ellie Large
    Abbie Cooke
9-10 Colin Dowds Lauren Megaw
Gaye Campbell Clare Waring
Peter Bingham Sophie Mount
Charlotte Campbell
Chloe Ewing
Bethany Mitchell
Nadia Bencillal
D’arcey Campbell
10-11 Sarah McCracken   Joel Reid
Cathy Rees   Luke Rolestone
Sara Rankin   Charlie Norris
    Kelvin Nash
    Nicholas Part
    Callum Moore
11-12 Hannah Hopkins Helen Monaghan Lewis Bingham
Sarah Dale Louise Beckett Scott Dale
 Jo-anne Lyttle John Scott
Josh McAdam
Harry Farson
Mark Barlow
Harry Lockhart
12-1 Andrea Beacon Hurle Anna Waugh Taylor Beacon Hurle
Amy Atkinson Poppy Robinson Becky Maxwell
 Jo-Anne Lyttle Becky Huey Kerrie Doherty
  Rebecca Dale  
  Emma Leeper  
  Megan McKenna  
  Charley Brush  
  Gina Woods  
1-2 Amy Atkinson Jenny Wilson Kayla Orr
Owen Magee Chloe Scott
Scott Forbes Ellen Reid
Gemma Hassan
Hannah Houston
Sophie McKinstry
Lauren Rodgers
Abbie Hardie
2-3 Philip Brown   Molly Mathers
Peter Brown   Sarah Maguiness
Angela Cowan   Katie Purdy
    Katie Stronge
    Lucy Allen
    Cameron Beacon Hurle
    Matthew McClements
    David Douglas
    Alex Jordan
    Mark Cowan
3-4 Megan Whan Melissa Whan Matthew Anderson
Jo-Anne Lyttle Lewis Groves
Julie Sally Ross Stewart
Ben Montgomery
Josh Gibson
Luke McConnell
Eddie Rowe
Elliott Haw