Banbridge Hockey Club will be running a ‘Soccer Buster’ competition again this season.  This will start the weekend of 4th October.  The entry fee is £10 and the winner will receive up to £400. Entries close on Friday 3rd October.  All the details on how this competition works are outlined below.  Anyone interested in taking part should complete the entry form below and return to your Team Captain or Dane Ward or Simon Magowan by the 3rd October deadline along with your entry fee.




How it works:-

  • Soccer Buster will start the weekend of Saturday 4th October 2014.
  • The entry fee is £10 and the winner will receive £400!!!!!
  • It will run every weekend that there is a full round of English Premier League fixtures until there is a winner. (Sat. Sun. & Mon. fixtures count)
  • Every week each entrant must select one team to win a game. If your team wins you are through to the next round, if it doesn’t you are OUT.
  • You may ONLY select a team ONCE i.e. you must pick a different team each week.
  • Selections must be submitted by email or text and ALL entries must be received by 10am each Friday morning. If you don’t submit your entry on time you will be allocated the next available team in alphabetical order. All participants will then receive an email on Friday evening containing the selections of everyone taking part.


How to enter:-

  • Fill in the entry form below, tear it off and put it in an envelope and give it to Simon Magowan or Dane Ward. Entries will NOT be accepted without entry fee and entries will close on Friday 3rd October at 3.00pm.
  • Send your selection in each week by 10am on Friday morning.
  • Weekly entries to be emailed to or texted to (Simon Magowan) 07760848885 or (Dane Ward) 07706864859. If entering by text please remember to include your name.


Week 1 games – Sat 4th and Sunday 5th October 2014


Hull v Crystal Palace Leicester v Burnley
Liverpool v West Brom Tottenham v Southampton
Sunderland v Stoke Swansea v Newcastle
Aston Villa v Man City Man United v Everton
Chelsea v Arsenal West Ham v QPR



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