Bann members at Masters Interpros

Congratulations to Banbridge Hockey Club members Neil Madeley, Ashleigh Mitchell and Rosie Waddell who were selected to play in the Men’s and Ladies Ulster squads at the Masters Interprovincial Tournament at the weekend.  This was held at Three Rock Rovers grounds in Dublin.

The selectors from the Irish Masters team were present to select their squads for the Home Nations (June 2013) and European Cup (Aug 2013).

Final Placings
Ladies O-40s:
1 Leinster 2 Ulster 3 Connacht
Ladies O-45s: 1 Leinster 2 Munster 3 Ulster
Men’s O-40s: 1 Leinster, 2 Munster 3 Ulster
Men’s O-45s: 1 Ulster 2 Munster 3 ExPats 4 Connacht
Men’s O-50s: 1 Ulster 2 Leinster 3 Munster/Exiles
Men’s O-55s: 1 Munster/Exiles 2 Leinster 3 Ulster