BHC Traveller No.1 gives us his latest from the Southern Hemisphere

BHC catches up with Dowdsy on his travels with Shelly in Australia. Dowdsy was a key player in the clubs success last season and coach Mark Tumilty expects him to make an impact when he returns in february. Any ‘oldies’ recognise the other gentleman in the picture???

1. How are the travels to date then?
Travels have been great. Asia was a very different experience from home and we started to get sick of rice and noodles by the end of our couple of months! Highlights were the Great Wall of China, eating snails and octopus head in China, staying with an ethnic minority family in Vietnam (zero hygiene!), riding elephants bareback in Thailand (literally), learning to cook like a Thai in Chiang Mai and catching up with a few ladyboys in Bangkok who seemed to know some of the Bann lads after a trip a few years ago! Was good to get to Aus the last couple of weeks to get some Westernisation and even bumped into the famous Karl Kennedy – fine man!!
2. Have you been keeping up to date with how the club are progressing this year?

I have indeed, every week I’ve been on Twitter keeping up to date with the matches and I’ve been in touch with Mark, Lenny and some of the lads for a chat! Things seem to have started OK and the EHL performances should spur the lads on now! 

3. The EHL was a really successful weekend despite the results, were you all able to catch it on  in the southern hemisphere?

Yes I watched the highlights of both games on the website. Was flying for the first match and had no Internet access for the second but I saw the highlights. Was gutted I missed it as it looked like a great weekend. The whole club seemed to get good reviews – players and supporters – so well done to all involved – great to see!!

4. Have you guys any plans to meet up with each whilst your “down under”?


Yes I’ve been in touch with both Mic and Livy. Will be meeting Mic on the east coast of Aus somewhere – think he’s living near Brisbane with someone he picked up on his way over. I’ll see Livy in NZ – he informs me his man boobs are developing nicely with working in Fergburger so I’m looking forward to a fondle and of course a burger!
5. Whats the biggest thing your missing about BHC while your away…the hockey, the social aspect, the training, the banter?!Anything in particular?

Biggest thing for me of course is the hockey although I won’t miss the upcoming training sessions in the snow! I miss the matches big time, especially the big ones but hopefully if the lads do well I’ll still get playing in some towards the end of the season.

Not missing my Treasurer duties so much! It’s been strange not getting my weekly calls from Jonto wanting work done but I trust Mr. Tumilty is doing a splendid job (and long may it continue!)
6. Roge and Downey are now in charge of the thirds, how do you think they will fair next year?

I might be giving the 2 of them a call in February!!
7. The club are optimistic of better success in the Irish Junior Cup now Livy has gone, what is your view on this?
Of course they’re missing him – great performances from what I saw last year. However, his physical condition may never return to his former levels with his current place of employment!
8. Dowdsy, rumour has it you could be home in at the tail end of the season, are you maintaining your fitness levels or has it been a nightmare to keep on top of it?
I’ll be home in the middle of February and should hopefully play about half the league season and an IHL group game (and hopefully the finals weekend!) Went for a few runs since I’ve been in Aus and have actually lost weight on my travels so far. I should have really answered this question with a question – did I ever have high fitness levels?!!

Hopefully I’ll be raring to go though and will work hard to get on the pitch ASAP.